Blyss is an elegant 'procedural' puzzle experience. It's an endless game, intricately wrapped in a soothing atmosphere of ambient themes.
Each theme has its own handpicked music and is created with an intention of providing a varying range of emotional experience to the player.

Blyss is available on iOS and Android.

Blyss Blyss


• Go through an Endless stream of Evolving Puzzles.

• Test your skills in Challenging Game Modes with a slightly twisted set of rules.

• Wide range of unlockable Ambient Themes offering meaningful experiences.

• Unique hand-picked music for each theme.

• High-Risk, High-Reward Combo System.

• Over 60 handcrafted Missions and Achievements to keep the thrill going.

• Climb the leaderboards or go through a wide range of stats.

• Share your moments with Facebook and Twitter High-Score Picture Card Sharing.

• Compete with friends for highscore via Gamecenter.


"iOS Editor's Choice Global Feature" - Apple AppStore

"To put it bluntly, Blyss is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played" - MacStories

"Blyss appears to achieve that sweet spot of being complex and in depth, while still having a zen-like vibe" - TouchArcade

"If recent releases like Dots & Co, Quell Zen, and klocki weren't enough to whet your appetite, then Blyss is a fine addition to any puzzle game collection" - 4.5/5 AppAdvice

"As clever and creative as it is simple and minimalist, Blyss will have you coming back for more time and time again" - 8/10 PocketGamer


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