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Based in Pune, India

Release date:
27 July, 2016

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Blyss is an elegant ‘procedural’ puzzle experience. It's an endless game, intricately wrapped in a soothing atmosphere of ambient themes. Each theme has its own handpicked music and is created with an intention of providing a varying range of emotional experience to the player. Blyss is very simple and clear with its gameplay objective, i.e. eliminate every single dot populating the screen and reaching the highest level you can. It’s achieved by swiping the blocks in sets of 3s and 4s. The swipes work both horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally. The game offers 3 different game modes, namely Endless, Time-Attack and Playground, to let players test their mental metal in a slightly twisted set of rules. Travel through beautiful mountains, serene valleys and harsh deserts, solving Blyss' puzzles while completing arduous challenges, unlocking hand-crafted achievements and climbing those leaderboards.



  • Go through an Endless stream of Evolving Puzzles.
  • Test your skills in Challenging Game Modes with a slightly twisted set of rules.
  • Wide range of unlockable Ambient Themes offering meaningful experiences.
  • Unique hand-picked music for each theme.
  • High-Risk, High-Reward Combo System.
  • Over 60 handcrafted Missions and Achievements to keep the thrill going.
  • Climb the leaderboards or go through a wide range of stats.
  • Share your moments with Facebook and Twitter High-Score Picture Card Sharing.
  • Compete with friends for highscore via Gamecenter.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Editor's Choice Global Feature" iOS App Store, July, 2017

Selected Articles

  • "Looking for a virtual puzzler that'll take your mind off things for a while? Find Blyss with its whimsical, relaxing music, vibrant candy-coloured visuals and endless stream of puzzles. Built around a simple scheme of swiping tiles to form patterns and clearing them to make progress, the game grows progressively more complex. Blyss sets the bar high, stacking up hundereds of puzzles before a new can be unlocked. The fact that coins have to be earned-and can't be purchased-makes it an even more rewarding journey for the persistent player."
    - App Store Editor, Apple App Store
  • "If recent releases like Dots & Co, Quell Zen, and klocki weren't enough to whet your appetite, then Blyss is a fine addition to any puzzle game collection."
    - Christine Chan, App Advice
  • "To put it bluntly, Blyss is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played"
    - Jake Underwood, Mac Stories
  • "Blyss appears to achieve that sweet spot of being complex and in depth, while still having a zen-like vibe. "
    - Rob Funnell, Touch Arcade
  • "As clever and creative as it is simple and minimalist, Blyss will have you coming back for more time and time again."
    - Ric Cowley, Pocket Gamer

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Blyss Credits

Ankush Madad
Business & Design, Dropout Games

Saurabh Bhavsar
Art, Dropout Games

Siddhesh Khatri
Lead Designer, Dropout Games

Sujeet Kumar
Development, Dropout Games

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