Neo Angle is a puzzle game inspired by neon artstyle and 80s Retro Synth music.
Guide Neo to navigate through complicated mazes in a neon filled world.

Neo's goal is pretty simple, pick up all the pyramid shaped fuel cells and head to the exit.
But once a path is chosen, there's no going back. ;)

Neo Angle is available on Appstore, PlayStore and Steam.

Ne Angle Neo AngleNeo Angle


• Hyper Minimalistic UI.

• Hand-Crafted levels.

• Innovative puzzle mechanics.

• A new take on Neon Art Style.

• Original Sound Track inspired by the 80s retro synth.

• Diverse range of level elements to keep it fresh and challenging.


Global Feature - Apple AppStore

Neo Angle is a fast way to exercise your geo-spatial reasoning. - 4/5 - GameZebo

Neo Angle supplies just the right mix of relaxation, challenge, and fun. - 4/5 - Touch Arcade

Neo Angle by Dropout Games is a puzzle game that is full of retro goodness. - 8/10 - AppAdvice

A clever, good looking puzzler that's got enough going on under the hood. - 8/10 - Pocket Gamer

Playing Neo Angle falls right in the middle of "relaxing on the couch" and "pacing around the room, growing more and more impatient," - MacStories


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