Inspired by Lights Out gameplay, WAYOUT is not your regular minimal puzzler.
The goal of the game is to turn off the grid i.e. turn all the tiles to white in the least amount of moves.

Wayout comes with a varying sets of logic based mechanics, forcing even the best of puzzle lovers to scratch their heads.
Test the limits of your brain by perfecting each puzzle. Let your mind be your guide in this relaxing yet challenging journey.

Wayout is available on Appstore and PlayStore.

Ne Angle Neo Angle


• Crayon artstyle with minimalistic approach.

• Combination of varying logic based mechanic.

• Ambient soundtracks grants beautiful relaxing atmosphere.

• Just you, ambient soundtracks and the game. No timer, gates, etc.

• Over 60 unforgiving handcrafted levels catered for the hardcore puzzle fans.


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